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Teri Makasih


Dive deep into the electrifying world of Teri Makasih, a DJ sensation who first sparked a rave revolution in Bali’s hottest clubs in 2018.

Bali wasn't just a trip; it was where the island's magic christened her with her unforgettable alias.

Fast forward to Spain, she dove headfirst into the pulsating heart of underground techno.

The sultry nights of 2019 saw her casting hypnotic spells on the dance floors of Madrid's legendary Macumba.

Though the world hit pause, Teri's beats echoed louder. 
By 2021, Spanish nightlife was buzzing with her name, as she turned intimate clubs into wild, unforgettable raves.


In 2022 She returned to the international scene, stirring souls in Lisbon's Nada Temple and entrancing Italy at Bonsai Garden Bologna.

Having twirled alongside titans like Metaraph, Lucas Campagna, Oposition, Under Black Helmet or Perc, she's also fused her beats with global collectives like Rave Alert, Concrete Berlin, Terrafuria, Underzone or Insane Industry.


Ladies and gentlemen, Teri Makasih doesn’t just play music; she's a blast of rhythm!

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