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Teri Makasih

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Music has always been a fundamental part of Teri Makasih's life.

Influenced from a very young age by the sounds coming from Germany, Belgium, the UK or Detroit, she has always had a special fixation for strong bases and strong drums.

In terms of electronic music, and during her adolescence, she focused mainly on Hardcore, Drum&Bass and even Break&Beat, which today allows her to boast totally eclectic and unique sets.

Trained as a Classical pianist, she has also been musically influenced by styles as diverse as Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Industrial Metal, Metal, Grindcore, or Death Metal, a fact that is reflected in the special and surprising nature of her performances.

Teri Makasih's sets, based on sounds and songs that she knows well, and feels and enjoys from her most authentic artistic essence, and her dynamics in the booth, with mastery of both vinyl and the most modern players, cross the barrier of convention and connect with the public at emotional levels that very few artists of her style can reach.

She is currently focused mainly on the production of her own tracks and on intensifying her projection in the European market, with her debut in Lisbon (Portugal) in October 2021.

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